Nancy's Debut Self-Help Book
is finally here!

you can do it too! 
Find Self-Worth,
Be Authentic and
Heal Your Past


Got a problem? This self-help author knows why and can help...

Toronto, Ontario, May 2014—Local teacher, entrepreneur and artist announces her debut self-help book called  you can do it too!  Find Self Worth, Be Authentic and Heal Your Past, ($16.00 Burman Books Media Corp.) has arrived.

Ever wonder why you keep attracting difficult relationships into your life? Ever wonder why you work for a bully or why you just don't seem to be able to accomplish your dreams?

Nancy`s book  you can do it too!, is more than a book. It coaches you with practical exercises, reminders and meditations showing the reader how to love and believe in themselves. Follow along on the author`s journey from her realization that she was sick all her life to healing her physical body and her heart. Personal anecdotes, some funny, some sad help light the way as she shares her quest to never give up learning how to get better.  During the process she realizes she is an intuitive, a clairvoyant and is guided by, and communicates with angels.  Becoming a Life Coach and Certified Consulting Hypnotist helped her understand how the body creates illness as a result of trauma suffered in childhood, in past lives and from our own negative self-talk. 

"Every problem you have ever had or will ever have is a result of your lack of self-worth and not knowing how to be authentic.  This book will help inspire you to take responsibility for everything you attract and then shift your energy to a self-loving, positive vibration and change your life for the better."

you can do it too!

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