A Soul Portrait helps you find direction, understand your life's purpose, and receive answers that will help you heal on your path through life....

Messages from the soul are channeled, represented visually and then interpreted to help your soul's path to healing by the wisdom they provide.  Finding fulfillment, past life truths, health issues, relationship, career path, angels and guides include some of the messages that can come to light in these Portraits.
  • Your full name at birth and your birth date as well as a photocopy of your hand(s) or a business card, are all that I need to get started on your Soul Portrait.

After a deliberate-random application of paint is executed using only my hands, information from your soul comes through.  As each abstract portrait dries, recognizable images begin to appear from the accident of the paint; in other words, magic happens!
Hang it in a special or sacred place and use it as a tool for meditation purposes.  Focus on it and messages will appear to you as the forms transmute, shift and change.  The negative space in one image becomes the positive in another.  Place it in a feng shui place of fulfillment, partnership or prosperity and it will reflect your essence along with your path in the moment.
"Nancy Newman's artistry and creativity has always ignited my senses.  My Soul Portrait is a personal masterpiece created with her expanded wisdom and enlightened spirit...a powerful communication with our guides.  She has woven such beauty with knowledge and creates for you a pathway for understanding and confirmation of divine truth.  Every time I look at my Soul Portrait I see more as I deepen each day from within.  Nancy Newman creates heavenly art."
Colleen Hoffman Smith - Author "Pocket Guide to Your Heart"
"To look into your soul is a treasure more valuable than all the gold in the sea.  Nancy's insight into who I am was such a stirring experience.  I felt the passion of her work as she shared the passion of my life-past, present and future.  Offering a confirmation of what is significant about me, suggesting what I may need to investigate about myself and inspiring what I could pursue to explore my potential have all been benefits of receiving my Spiritual Soul Portrait.  I believe my soul has communicated with me through Nancy's amazing talent.  The portrait continues to speak to me of what is essential in my life...for that, I am deeply grateful.  Blessings."
Lanee-Life Coach, Yoga Instructor
"My Soul Portrait is a beautiful expression of who I am and who I can be as Nancy's creative and insightful talent reveals the secrets held deep within one's self.  I will treasure it, with love, always."
Jo-Anne Cutler-Entrepreneur, Life Coach
"I have been deeply moved and guided by Nancy's spiritual portrait.  Images and written insights resonate from deep within and opened me to greater awareness of my strengths, blessings and needs.  Like a spiritual mirror, it lets me see deep into my soul.  The brilliance of its creation amazes me.  Nancy fulfills her purpose as it opens me to my own."
Bruce Smith - Lawyer
Contact Nancy for details on various sizes, prices and delivery dates.


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