Regression allows you to move forward life and helps heal emotional wounds.  During hypnosis, you gain access to your subconscious and to other lifetimes and you bring back the learning to help you understand the present and also clarify relationships, trauma and present day illness. Sometimes we have irrational fears and question their source; regression is the answer and holds all the information needed to heal your soul. 
  • In a Regression you will revisit two childhood memories from your present life and two lives from your many hundreds of past lives  A past life session is two hours long and costs $200.
HYPNOSIS ........for Change
Hypnosis promotes immediate change as you are guided into a deep, relaxed state connecting you to the power of your subconscious.  Learn to change any habit, belief, attitude or behaviour to foster a new way of living by manifesting your dreams.
Lose weight, Quite Smoking, Improve relationships, Improve Sleep, Manage stress,   Build self-esteem, Remove fears, Attain goals, Find inner peace, Become more attractive.....
  • The first session is 1 1/2 hours long and costs $125. Each additional session lasts 1 hour at a cost of $80.  A minimum of three sessions is usually appropriate for healing an issue.

Nancy is a Certified Life Coach who believes that every struggle we have in life is routed in unfelt emotions and our lack of self-worth. Once we learn to take responsibility for everything we attract into our lives, we will shift our energy and our lives will improve as we reconnect to ourselves and become authentic.
  • Each coaching session is one hour long and costs $125.

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